Energy Management Systems

Do you want to reduce Energy Consumption and enhance your Corporate Reputation?

Choose our Energy Management System for an Optimized Generation and Transmission System and reduced energy, maintenance and product cost. Go Green by reducing your Organizations’ Carbon Footprint and fulfil regulatory obligations!



Middle-East has experienced rapid industrialization. Peak Demand Management, Energy Data Management and Cost Center Management Demands have grown exponentially. With the fluctuating nature of Power and the complexity of the entire power network, it is impossible for a user to predict potential threats in the power system without the use of an intelligent Energy Management System that ensures reliability for your Industry, performed on real-time basis.


The Energy Management System monitors the key electrical and physical characteristics of each power component and critical circuit, within the facility and provides operations personnel with the information they need to extract the highest possible reliability from the system.


With Energy Management Systems, real time energy consumption, measurement, analysis of data is performed to optimize the usage of energy and cost. This, Energy Management has a direct impact on the improvement of your Financial Performance.


Irinatech has engineered Energy Management Solutions best Suited for the Asian and Middle East Market using a Wide Product Range from reliable partners like Schneider Electric and Janitza. With our experience, we can help you address the challenges of Energy Management in your Industry.”


We Offer

  • Energy Management Consultation: Irinatech has the capability to help your Industry/facility turn into an Energy Efficient and Environmental Friendly entity by helping you develop and meet your energy goals. We facilitate meeting of legal and regulatory requirements regarding energy efficiency and energy management.
  • Energy Audits: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”
  • Since Energy expense is a major expense faced by Industries, to ensure lower energy costs and to move towards a sustainable future, Energy Audits are of significant importance. Irinatech uses the most modern Energy Audit Techniques to help you meet your energy targets.
  • Irinatech – A Partner to help you with EnMS – ISO 50001 Certification
  • Industries are facing the increasing pressure to make their facilities more energy efficient due to the environmental issues faced globally. Irinatech can help certify your organization to leading management system for energy management, ISO 50001 – Energy Management System (EnMS), which is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle for continuous improvement.
  • EMS Solution - Combination of State of the Art Hardware and software
  • Data Acquisition: With a vast range of engineered state of the art products from the world’s leading manufacturers (e.g. Schneider, Janitza) all energy relevant data is obtained from the field level. This enables KPI calculations, reporting and documentation, forecasting, and enhanced monitoring at the Operator and Enterprise Level.