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Self Supporting 70 Meters Tower in Durrat Al Bahrain

Durrat Al Bahrain is an ambitious project, an Island and Resort Development in the South of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Project matches the size of the City of Manama – the capital city of Bahrain.  

The 70-meter Self Supporting Tower for Durrat Al Bahrain was produced with an unmatched attention to detail. Tower design and installation was performed in accordance with approved standards. The tower was erected at 70m height, making it ideal for excellent coverage. All associated works from site acquisition, soil acquisition, structural stability and installation, including the installation of ancillary equipment, was carried out by Irinatech.

The Challenge:
The biggest challenge faced by Irinatech was for the team to work at a tremendous height of up to 70 meters. Some of the worst industrial injuries and fatalities are caused by fall from height. Our Health and Safety Team of experts ensured that correct training and equipment was available from the first day of deployment. Special care was taken for equipment maintenance and training regulations. With high class administration, there were zero accidents during the entire deployment.

Projects Details


    12 months
  • Location:

    Kingdom of Bahrain