Corporate Social Responsibility

Irinatech is passionate about creating a successful and sustainable business...

Irinatech is passionate about creating a successful and sustainable business and places great emphasis in doing everything in a responsible, fair and ethical manner. These values are embedded deep in the heart of everything that we do.

We value the trust, honesty, innovation and reliability, within our organisation and between it and others with whom we do business. These values underpin our success and have been cherished by us during our history. They will contribute to the continued success of Irinatech wherever we operate.


We set clear expectations for all employees and we enable them to make decisions in morally ethical ways. Choosing the right people in all positions, is key to our success in this. We engage with our employees whose feedback helps us to prioritise where and how we can improve. We reward innovation, encourage diversity and have a great desire that all our employees will reach their full potential. We need them to go home to their families safely, enriched and satisfied that they are making positive contributions to the lives of others.


Wherever Irinatech has a presence and wherever possible, Irinatech will achieve positive impacts by reducing harm to zero, or, when we simply cannot, we will off-set harm with good acts and deeds. We expect the same standard from our suppliers and encourage sharing best practice. Our efforts and their contribution in driving best practice helps us to raise expectations in industry and to show what can be achieved in business in a corporately responsible manner through the use of our values.


We commit to engaging responsible management procedures and techniques in all areas including health, environment, sustainability and safety and to the satisfaction of our customers. We strive for innovative and sustainable solutions and truly believe that those enable us to have a competitive and corporately responsible advantage in the market place.