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Khaleej Al Bahrain 220 kV BSP Substation

Bahrain Bay – created from a reclaimed land in the north coastline of Manama is an exquisite development offering world class living and working environment. The project has been designed to provide residential, commercial, retail, tourism, and community facilities and public amenities. As part of the infrastructure, the project has built four 66kV primary substations, five 11kV substations, two potable water reservoirs, and two sewerage pumping stations. Khaleej Al Bahrain BSP Substation is one of the 220kV Substations in Bahrain Bay, where major electro-mechnical installations and commissioning support has been provided by Irinatech Bahrain.




To meet the future economic needs of the country and as a response to the increased demand for energy in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Electricity and Water Authority of Bahrain (EWA) has expanded the 220/66kV Transmission Network.  This expansion has resulted in development of Independent Power and Water Production facilities in Bahrain under the “220kV and 66kV Transmission Development 2007 – 2011 Project”. The scope of this development covers (10) new 220kV Substations and (24) new 66kV Substations including additions to the (6) existing 220kV & 66kV Substations and all associated 220kV and 66kV communication cabling connections including remote end works for the Bahrain Financial Harbour and Diyar Al Muharraq 220kV Substations. Khaleej Al Bahrain is one of the established and new 220kV Bulk Supply Point Substations from this prestigious project.



Khaleej Al Bahrain Installation work comprised of double busbar 220kV GIS  Installations and associated equipment to accommodate the transformer, feeder  and bus coupler bay, 21kV Switchgear and the 220/66/11 kV Transformers.The scope also included installation, testing and commissioning of 220kV, 66kV & 11kV XLPE Power Cables, Installation of FOC Cables for Telecommunication Purpose as well as the remote-end differential protection and associated teleprotection works.With its reliable High Voltage Cable Jointing and Termination Services and an impressive portfolio of previous projects, Irinatech efficiently attended to the project requirement and timely completed the 220kV, 66kV and 11kV High Voltage Termination Works  including the Cable Testing and successful handover of Project.

With an intricate combination of knowledge, opinions and experience, Irinatechs’ efforts helped deliver real over all project results successfully and effectively.

ABB is entirely satisfied with Irinatech's Project Management, Installation Services, workmanship and the final closure of the project. 

ABB Switzerland Ltd. 

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    Complete Electrical and Mechanical Installation, Testing and Commissioning Services of 220kV Substation