Our Company
Our Company

Our Values

Our goal is to provide services and deliver projects that combine to produce the best multi-discipline engineering firm in our industry.


We have built an ethos of respect in our organisation which is at the heart of our collaborative approach. The successful formation and operation of teams, both formal and ad-hoc is paramount to the success of any project. We look forward to working with you.


Health and Safety


We treat people with respect, care and safety in mind which nurtures a behavioural culture that breathes health and safety in every aspect of our company.



At Irinatech, we lead by example and we take responsibility for our actions, this open and transparent behaviour enables us to deliver the best possible service for our clients while building long-term relationships.



Our ability to innovate and to solve complex problems is at the heart of what we do, by fostering a culture of innovation, we retain people who are passionate, challenge the status quo and are committed to our cause.