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RF Mast Structure Build for BATELCO

Irinatech plays a vital role in building the Nationwide Telecommunication Network in Bahrain – meeting the region’s business and residential demand as well as technological development.


In 2009, Irinatech deployed Roof Top Mast Structures for Batelco, Bahrain’s leading telecommunication company. From the initial phase of Site Survey and load study Investigation Irinatech designed, manufactured and installed fifteen number of 15 to 18 meters of Non Penetrating towers.

Careful design considerations were made for the appropriate amount of weight on the structure to properly secure the mount and withstand the wind resistance and equipment load. Roof Top Structures , being particularly useful where site space for tower is not feasible but tall buildings are available, were selected for an easy access to the antenna and faster installation.

The solution offered was very cost effective and most suitable for its application. Adherence to established regulations governing communication towers, antennas and base units was made to ensure compatibility with surrounding. The Roof Top Structure was designed to have the structural integrity to carry the weight of the antenna and its supporting structure.

At Irinatech, we have our efficient design, engineering, project management, manufacturing & installation and in house facilities. We are able to a complete turnkey service to all our customers, we have the ability to take your project from start to finish without issues and can maintain the installations for you thereafter. 

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    6 months
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    Kingdom of Bahrain