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Palm Tree Shaped Tower in Durrat Al Bahrain

Irinatech erects the first non-toxic environmentally friendly palm tree Wimax towers in Bahrain, achieving green goals for the Island.

Durrat Al Bahrain is an ambitious project - an Island and Resort Development, in the South of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Project matches the size of the City of Manama – the capital city of Bahrain.  It is a modern island based city that is being designed around its natural environment.

Blending with the Island’s natural habitat, Irinatech has deployed the mast and base stations, for a leading telecom operator Menatelecom, camouflaged as palm trees with a trunk and palm fronds at the top.  The palm stands at 30 meters height as is located in the heart of Durat Al Bahrain.

The structure also provides excellent coverage to the population of Durrat Al Bahrain. The installation has minimized the adverse visual impact of telecom towers and preserved the aesthetic beauty of Bahrain’s landscape.  In Durrat Al Bahrain, Irinatech has successfully designed and installed such aesthetically pleasing monopoles that resemble a palm tree, integrating with the surrounding structure.  The towers are eco-friendly and fully recyclable.

The camouflaged tower was erected at 30m height making it ideal for excellent coverage.  All associated works from Site Acquisition, Soil Acquisition, Structural Stability and Installation, including the installation of ancillary equipment was carried out by Irinatech. 

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    12 months
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    Kingdom of Bahrain