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ICI Soda Ash

ICI is the largest Soda Ash producer in Pakistan and the plant in Khewra was established in the 1940s.


ICI Soda Ash’s current annual capacity is 350,000 tons per annum. This capacity provides assurance to the customers that ICI Soda Ash can be relied upon as a trusted and reliable supplier of high quality Soda Ash.


ICI utilizes indigenous raw materials to ensure substantial foreign exchange savings through import substitutionsting to upgrade its systems and improve their standards.



Earlier, ICI Soda Ash power plant was manually operated and customer needs to make the system more manageable by using latest technology in such a way that it becomes economical by combining power resources that could involve utility, turbine and set of standby diesel generators.

The company needed an accurate and precise data logging system that could help them provide statement of each resource and load consumption which was difficult to prepare earlier for costing and planning purposes. The client wants to monitor critical plant information like metering, running hours, and consumption record against each power source. The client also wanted an intelligent logical control system which can be managed and accessible at remote site too.



Since 2005 till now, Irinatech is providing continuous support for maintenance, modification, installation and commissioning point of view and solution to achieve desired results. ICI Soda Ash has expanded the plant several times and Irinatech has provided advanced, reliable and cost-effective intelligent energy anagement solutions as per customer's requirement.


Irinatech has provided Intelligent Energy Devices (IEDs), software, training to personnel and complete documentation against the job. This provided smooth switching between power resources.


All necessary information needed to control/run the whole plant so that optimum performance could be logged in with the help of latest system in more efficient way than before are now an easy reach. Details were now more manageable. They could view metering details, historical data, running costs, bill management, event recording, plant availability, etc. In this way, system became optimized and operation
costs cut down.


With the help of this system, user could easily communicate and access data from remote side.

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