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Coca Cola Afghanistan

Habib Gulzar Non-Alcoholic Beverages Ltd. is a drinks producer based in Kabul, Afghanistan and has now become the first company which can produce Coca-Cola in the country. The US$25 million factory started its production early in 2006 which has the capacity to produce more than five million 24-bottle cases of Coca-Cola soft drinks, Fanta and Sprite a year.



Habib Gulzar Non-Alcoholic Beverages Ltd. was setup in a city where there was no utility power available and the system dependency was on diesel generators. Irinatech’s main objective was to deploy a most reliable, fast and safe generator synchronizing, load-sharing and power management system that could fulfil all operational requirements, safety and seamless generator interface & switchgear integration with maximum flexibility, redundancy, fuel economy, operators training and off course maximum uptime.



A smooth plant operation really depends on a reliable, fast, responsive and secure power generation to keep machines moving. Irinatech is pleased to have supported Coca-Cola plant with advanced genset control engineering for a successful operation & contingency management.


Simple control, highest reliability, capability of handling contingencies & friendly human interfaces were the main advantages that makes customer experience too good.


The main advantage of system is that these gensets share load equally via 0-5V load sharing lines and can take up the heavy load very quickly.


All the five gensets control were based on latest technology controllers being provided to them and expertise of our local engineers. Modules provided features like - fast start-up sequences for the diesel generators, changeovers, equal load sharing between different size of gensets via hard-wired load sharing lines and power management in abnormal conditions to keep plant running even in the power deficit scenarios.

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