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Bahrain World Trade Centre


In the realm of green architecture, the Bahrain World Trade Centre is the world’s first skyscraper to integrate wind turbines into its design. This striking structure is also one of the world’s first truly intelligent buildings. Wind turbines securing the two towers together give the building its fascinating “sail-shaped silhouette”. The towers have been sculpted to funnel the wind and drag air into the turbines for maximum power generation efficiency.



To encapsulate the essence of sustainable philosophy that the building stands for and represents, Irinatech is dedicated to delivering electrical systems and equipment that are efficient, effective and finely-tuned. For the complex and high priority motor loads, state-of-the-art motor control centres as well as smart load control centres were engineered and supplied. Electrical constituents were chosen from the best equipment manufacturers.


With its on-site generation of green energy from the building’s own wind turbines, the team at Irinatech specifically designed and assembled power systems, keeping in view the need for enhanced levels of safety, continuity, reliability and durability. The scope of work included the complete range of product development through to the system installations.

Projects Details

  • Location:

  • Client:

    Mercury Middle East
  • Sector:

    Commercial Building
  • Scope:

    Supply, installation and commissioning of intelligent motor control centres and smart load control centres.